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Just returned from my second detox week with Heidi and Hugo and it certainly will not be my last! To many it might seem incredible to say what a wonderful time we had especially when they exclaim, 'But, you didn't eat anything - weren't you hungry?' Well, we didn't 'chew' but we drank nutrious and sustaining drinks and exercised throughout the days. 

I had a totally relaxing and enjoyable week, felt healthy and looked slimmer. What more could any woman ask? Also remember the Dutch generally speak better English than we do so that is not a problem.

Many thanks to Heidi and Hugo.

Elaine Moulson


Heidi and Hugo are so special that I am not sure whether I want to spread the word. But I must try to be generous and share. 

Whatever reasons you may have to choose to join their detox programme - losing a little weight to serious problems, you will not be disappointed. It sounds extreme to say that in just seven days such incredible things can happen but they can and they did for me. This is not simply a detox. Heidi and Hugo have extensive knowledge and care for the body and the mind.

Go with a desire to change and embrace the knowledge they impart.

They also speak perfect English so there is no excuse! 

Elaine Moulson


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